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raw instrumental files from session
00:00 / 04:34

These are the unmixed, untouched instrumental sounds from the sessions at South Sound Sound plus the grand from Hideaway Sound. Pre-bass, and in between guitar takes. Likely July 2020. 

MIDI demo (with horns)
00:00 / 04:41

This is the earliest version of the song I could find. Not a single real instrument, rough vocal and no ideas on guitar. The call-and-response on the chorus was originally going to be horns, but thankfully was replaced with that searing lead line later in the arrangement process. Likely February 2020. 

original MIDI demo
00:00 / 04:41

Despite how this file is named, this version came after the horns version. You can hear a more established vocal, actual keyboard instead of MIDI and some early attempts at mixing. Some incredibly rough MIDI guitar lines pop in and out. 


To my knowledge, the first time Blinking was played live, ever! 

A pre-taped show we did at the Jewelbox Theatre. Sep 2020. First time playing live with a full band. 

The first time playing Blinking to an audience of more than stuffed animals. Seattle backyard, September 2020

Recording grand piano at Hideaway Sound in Chatsworth, CA. June 2020. 


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