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Henry Mansfield (project)  – Pianist, frontman, booking agent, etc.          

June 2013 – present

A project featuring my personal piano-based songs and arrangements, performed in various styles around North America.

Achievements included:

  • Booked and executed regional tours of the Midwest (7 stops) and the Pacific Northwest (5 stops)

  • Wrote and arranged hour-long sets

  • Headlining show at El Corazon (Seattle), bringing in 100 people on a Sunday

  • Headlined several times at The Vera Project, bringing as many as 50-100 people

  • Personally booked slots in festivals such as Bite Of Seattle and Snowking Festival (Yellowknife, NWT)

  • Within 2 years established a following in the city of Boston, bringing 50+ people to a weekday show

  • Organized multi=day recording sessions at South Sound Sound (Shelton)

  • Produced an average of 10 charts a month

  • Released 3 records over 2 years, managing all aspects of production, packaging and marketing

Before Our Time – Pianist, bassist and vocalist                        

June 2017 – present

A Bellevue-based alternative rock band, with whom I wrote, rehearsed and recorded an album. 

Gig highlights:

  • Headlined a nearly sold-out show at Chop Suey in Seattle

  • In 10 months, the band went from completely unrecorded to having a 12-track record that sold 100 copies at our release show


Sundress Funeral  – Bass and vocals                                  

February 2018 – present

A Boston-based pop-punk band

Gig highlights:

  • Learned a 7-song set in less than two weeks to perform at The Middle East Upstairs

The Bleeding Romeos  – Pianist, accordionist and vocalist

October 2015 – June 2016

A Seattle-based GB band playing the music of Tom Waits in upscale venues, with whom I toured regionally.

Gig highlights:

  • The Royal Room (Seattle)

  • Learned a 50 song set in two weeks  

  • Gained experience building an entire sound system from scratch for multiple private parties



Berklee College of Music                                                  

September 2016 – present

I am currently attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA as a candidate for a bachelor’s degree in Professional Music. I am scheduled to graduate in May of 2019.

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