hey folks!

we're having a house show!

hey guys!

i am *so* excited to make a show happen in this show-less time, but for everyone's safety, it's gonna mean a few extra steps and a slightly different house show experience. please carefully read all the information below. thank you!


7721 se 58th street

mercer island, wa

*please park in Groveland parking lot*

$5 for entry

masks required for entry

doors 6pm

first act 6:30 

break 7:00


show is over 8pm 

1. the show will be socially distanced. we will be setting up pods for groups of no more than four to congregate. when you check in, your temperature will be checked, and you will be given a color. that color is your pod assignment. follow the tape on the ground to your place! once in your pod, we ask that you move around as little as possible. sorry, but it *is* still a pandemic after all. 

2. there will be no food or drink provided. as much as we'd love to make a meal for everyone, that means a lot of mask-off time. this isn't going to be one of those events you hear about where we all got COVID afterward. there will, however, be a water-station away from the crowd. we're not barbarians. 

3. we are capping the event at 20 audience members. with that in mind, *please* give a hard yes or no. this is a first-come, first-served situation. if you say you're coming and then don't show up, that's a spot taken from someone else. life is short. *commit*

does that all sound good to you? Venmo @henryplayspiano $5 with the name(s) of who you're booking for. that'll reserve your spot and get your name on the list!


I can't wait to see you all. we've got some pretty cool things planned, and I'm hoping an evening of music will bring us back to simpler times, and hopefully remind us of the way forward.