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“Iconoclastic and openly emotional, Henry Mansfield is the real deal.”



Born and raised in a post-grunge Seattle, Henry Mansfield brings forth the next generation of anthemic and theatrical indie. A storyteller whose chosen medium is rock music, Mansfield’s songs examine the minutiae of modern interactions over kaleidoscopic piano and drums. After opening up for the Rural Alberta Advantage on tour in 2019 and appearing at Alki Art Festival 2021, Mansfield and his longtime band will be releasing a new 14-track album in 2023 titled NOTHING BUT THE MYTHS WE MAKE. 


“… an insightful Gen Z songwriter with a sharp wit and a fantastic band.”

— The Static Dive reviewing NOW VS. FOREVER 


“…compositions are complex and sophisticated, miles beyond the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge of a typical Pop song. [Mansfield] paints a picture of young adult ennui with images of youthful fears.”

— The Static Dive reviewing JURY DUTY + YOUNG/LOVELY 


“The beating of perspectives against each other in a frenzied effort to align feelings…. calls like a signal you’ve been waiting to hear your whole life … like lighting a 500-gram firework to a dark night.”

—  All Ashore reviewing JURY DUTY + YOUNG/LOVELY


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