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Meet your new co-writer

Meet your new co-writer



My name's Henry, and I'm so excited you're considering taking a journey in songwriting with me. There is a sample curriculum available down below, but I'd like to explain a little more about this program to you before we get there. 

Firstly, this concept was initially put together with late-elementary to high school students in mind. Mid-pandemic, I felt that parents could use a musical distraction for their kids, so most of the language in the curriculum is oriented towards a child. However, songwriting isn't just for kids! If you're an adult or parent who wants to write your first song, or just sing one of your favorites, don't hesitate to reach out. I would love to get you started. Better late than never! 

Second, these are not traditional lessons. While I do offer vocal and piano tutoring on an individual basis, my real strength (and my real joy) comes from writing and performing songs. I began songwriting at the age of 12, and since then I have written over 150 songs for various projects, including my own. At Berklee College of Music, I studied songwriting as a concentration for my major. In these lessons, I will work with your child on developing their musician voice from a personal and pedagogical perspective, discussing with them the foundations of songwriting as we progress through their song. You'll leave these lessons with a song of your own! 

Finally, I would be nowhere in my career without the support of my parents and the people around me, and the fact that you're considering the same support for your child (or yourself!) is truly wonderful. Thank you for reading, and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or to schedule a consultation. 



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First: A free 15 minute consultation to explain the process further. I understand some parents may have some questions before laying down a payment, and this is the time for those questions. If you decide to move forward, we will have three sessions together! 


Session 1 – An intake session. Getting to know each other, hearing about the students's goals for their song, brainstorming concepts and direction. We will discuss their favorite artists and what brings them joy about their favorite songs. During that discussion, we will learn song structure and how to identify sections. After that, we will begin developing ideas for their song. We will leave this meeting with a song concept and I will ask that they work on putting that concept into words to prepare for the next session. (30 mins) 


Session 2 – The student will come to the session with a finished concept, and we will start constructing the song. We will delve further into song structure and discuss rhyme, melody and how to construct a hook. We will leave this session with a 50-70% completed song, and homework will involve trying out some songwriting concepts with their particular song. 

Session 3 – We will finish our song! The session will begin by going over the ideas the student has brought, and we will discuss where to place them and how to incorporate them.  After this, we will discuss arrangement concepts such as adding more instruments to the song, how the recording process works, and more. (1 hr)


After all this work, I will record and completely build out the instruments of the song in Logic Pro X, adhering to the vision that we have laid out. When completed, an audio file will be provided for the student to record vocals over! Those vocals will be implemented directly into the song and mixed by yours truly. All of this work will be done remotely over Zoom. 


After three sessions, the student will walk away with a finished audio file of their new song, a work of art that is singularly theirs! If you wish to pursue releasing your finished song on streaming services, I am more than happy to walk you through those next steps as well.


The price for one student writing an original song is $250. This includes three songwriting sessions, original charts and lyric/lead sheets, and a fully arranged, recorded and mixed song from Logic Pro X. 

If you're not interested in writing an original song, covers and mashups are great too! I offer a shortened cover song program for $175. This includes one session, a custom soundalike track for your song of choice, and a recorded and mixed song from Logic Pro X. 

I bundle vocal and piano lessons as well! Ask me about discounts. 


I’m so excited to get you started on your creative journey. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! 


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